DIGITAL HOUSEKEEPERWeb-Based Environmental Services Management

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FEATURESStreamline your Environmental Service Department

Track every space

Information for every room in every building. See the total square footage of buildings, floors, areas & cost centers at a glance.

Determine staffing needs

Know how to staff your department based upon room size, type, and frequency, utilizing industry standards and benchmarks.

Efficiency & accountability

Ensure equitable workloads based upon actual cleaning times. Know where employees should be based upon accurate and up-to-date assignments.

Accurate record-keeping

Track room inspections & history. Schedule & track project work & history. Know who is responsible for cleaning any room, any day.

Perform quality inspections

Templates for daily and discharge cleaning, employee observation, ATP or Gel inspections. Works on tablets and smartphones.

Customer surveys

Send customer satisfaction surveys electronically and the results are automatically recorded in Digital Housekeeper.

Scheduling tools

Digital Housekeeper features built-in tools that allow you to maintain a “days off” schedule and track your employees’ attendance.

Forecast daily services

Forecast daily cleaning and project service-level changes based upon cleaning levels and frequency at the push of a button.

Corporate reporting

Does your organization operate multiple facilities? If so, using Digital Housekeeper lets you compare quality results on a single report.

100% web-based

Digital Housekeeper allows you to access your data anytime and from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Simply visit our platform login page and enter your username and password, and you’ll be connected to everything you need to manage your facility’s environmental services.

No software to install

Because Digital Housekeeper is web-based, there is not any software to install on your local PCs. Once you have purchased your license you are given a username and password that grants you access to the full Digital Housekeeper platform right from your web browser. No more files to download or programs to configure!

Automatic updates

Save your IT department some time! Because there is no locally installed software with Digital Housekeeper, there are no updates or security patches to apply. Never again will you need to worry that your staff are using different versions of the software. Just log into the Digital Housekeeper website to use the latest and greatest version.

Real-time data syncing

Because Digital Housekeeper is web-based, there is no syncing of devices when doing inspections. Some providers create extra steps due to syncing of data across devices and platforms, and some of the lag time that can occur. With Digital Housekeeper you can be confident that your data is 100% up-to-date, 100% of the time.

Unlimited users

By using Digital Housekeeper, software license tracking and management is a thing of the past! Our license fee is good for unlimited users. Other services charge by the user, making them less cost-effective and more complicated. With Digital Housekeeper you can add, edit, or delete any user at any time.

Works on all devices

Mac or PC? Android or iPhone? When you use Digital Housekeeper, there is no need to worry about whether your favorite device will be compatible — because it will be! Digital Housekeeper is compatible with all recent version of major web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

What challenges do you face?

Digital Housekeeper will help you:

  • Determine appropriate staffing levels
  • Create balanced work assignments
  • Ensure consistency
  • Complete and track Quality Control Inspections
  • Track your project work

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