How are DH users utilizing Inspections?

You can set up templates for various applications:

  • Improve HCAPP
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction Results
  • Set up observation checklist to ensure employees or contractors are following the proper procedures.  Observe Patient Discharge Cleaning, Occupied Patient Room Cleaning, Exam and OR Room cleaning
  • High Touch Inspections (utilizing Observation, ATP or Gel) following CDC guidelines.
  • Focus on Patient Rooms, Patient or Public Restrooms, Exam Rooms and OR & Sterile areas

We are frequently asked “What is the best inspection method or template?”  We answer:

  • Do Inventory Based Inspections, such as occupied Patient Room so you see what the patient, visitors and staff are seeing.
  • Do High Touch Gel Inspections so you can see how your training and employees are cleaning.  Are they wiping over all areas?
  • Do High Touch ATP Inspections.  Most facilities we talk with only do a few high touch areas because of the cost of the swabs.  You’ll be able to see the effectiveness of your disinfectant and if it is mixed properly.

Consider, also, if you pay a third party to come in and do your High Touch Gel Inspections. Utilizing DH and doing them yourself might save enough money to cover the cost of the DH monthly license fee.

Let us know what you are doing so we can share…..

If there is any way we can assist call or email Joe or Steve.  We can email you some samples of templates you can customize for your facility.

The great part is once you have the template created you are ready to go with the Instant Inspection and start to review and share your results…..